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Reality of world

I was coming back to home from my work. It was late night.there was pin drop silence on the road only the sound of my footsteps could be heard.I was exhausted from my work so i walked as fast as i could.When it was just a walk of 10 minutes to my house something strange happened.There was a strange sound that i heard. Ignoring the sound i started walking again but suddenly a man came in front of me.He was really very tall and well built.I making way for myself tried to slip from there as i was really afraid.I in the morning newspaper had read about the rape cases in the country.Seeing the man the flashback of the news was running in my head.Suddenly he catch hold of my hand i was scared.”Where are you going pretty lady?”He said.I looked at him in his eyes there was a strange look in his eyes.He holded my waist tightly.I tried to rescue myself i screamed,helplessly shouted for help”somebody please help me……”  but nobody came for help.After few minutes i was left on the footpath to die. I was screaming in pain.Do you think that there was nobody who crossed that path after  all this????? Then you are wrong. People came, nobody dared to call my family and i was not in a situation to make a phone call, what they dared to do was………………clicking my photographs to upload them on facebook,instagram,whatsaap and all the social sites but nobody dares to help me, nobody dared to take me to the hospital.People clicked photographs and passed.After few minutes i lost my consciousness then i don’t know what happened but when i opened my eyes i saw my dad in front of me standing his eyes were full of tears.As soon as i saw her i had tears in my eyes.I was not able to speak. It was the most difficult and emotional phase on life.Treatment went on for few days and i was admitted in the hospital.Police inspectors came everyday to inquire what actually happened………….. the worst thing.The news all flashed on the newspaper ‘A GIRL RAPED ON THE STREETS’.There were candle marches done by people, protests and everything but was just for a short period of time, after that nothing happened. Its been 5 years since all this happened but till today  the rapist is not behind the bars.No one remembers me.Nobody wants to marry me.There are people who believed that it was my fault not knowing the reality.I was a victim of rape which tried to spoil my life but was not able to.After that i got a new life.Now i am a stronger women,now i know how to fight.All this happened because of strong support of my family but i regret the fact that the societies mentality has not changed. They think too much and do too little.I remember those people who clicked my photos and uploaded them.Actually this is the harsh reality of today’s society and life and i have accepted it that nobody helps you unless and until you help yourself…………..